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Where Are They Now: Emily Shepard

During the decade that I have spent serving, and supporting, the Damonte Ranch community I have met a lot of amazing students. One of the nicest, most caring, and hardest working students that I have met is Emily Shephard. During her time at Damonte she went by “Em Shep”. She was an outstanding cheerleader, earning a scholarship at Louisville (I hope you are reading it as it is pronounced - LOO-uh vul) to continue her cheerleading career with the Cardinals.

Name - Emily Shepard (Em Shep)

Sport – Cheerleading

Grad Year - 2017

What did you do after Graduation - I attend the University of Louisville in Kentucky and have been a part of the Cheerleading team. I am majoring in Political Science with a minor in Economics.

Favorite Damonte Memory - My favorite memory would be all the Friday night light football games. It was so fun getting to cheer on our teams and it lead to some great times hanging out with everyone in the blue hole.

Where are you now - I am now a Junior at the University of Louisville where I will be graduating with a bachelor’s degree of science this spring. Currently, I am applying to law schools, and enjoying my last year of undergrad.

What did your time at Damonte teach you - At Damonte I learned how important it was to be involved with your school, and to make the most of your time you have in school. Being involved in clubs and sports at Damonte allows you to do so many different things, and you are only there for four years so you have to soak in every minute of those years.

Advice for current DRHS students and athletes - My advice would be to work hard not matter what. Even when you feel like your hard work may not be paying off it will eventually. You never know when it will pay off, and you never know who is noticing your hard work. Working hard can and will take you far if you never stop. Let me know if you need anything else!

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