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Week 6 Previews and Predictions

September 22, 2023

Today we release our previews and predictions for this week's slate of games.

Sep. 21

Carson at Hug

Lynn Ault: Carson 19, Hug 13

J. Ray Dockter: Hug 21, Carson 20

Brady Raggio: Carson

Michael Reeves: Carson 24, Hug 21

Sep. 22

Churchill County (Fallon, Nev.) at Truckee (Calif.)

Lynn Ault: Truckee (Calif.) 31, Churchill County (Fallon, Nev.) 21

J. Ray Dockter: Truckee (Calif.) 21, Churchill County (Fallon, Nev.) 20

Brady Raggio: Truckee (Calif.)

Michael Reeves: Truckee 35, Churchill County (Fallon, Nev.) 14

Lowry (Winnemucca, Nev.) at Elko

Lynn Ault: Elko

J. Ray Dockter: Elko 35, Lowry (Winnemucca, Nev.) 10

Brady Raggio: Elko

Michael Reeves: Elko 24, Lowry (Winnemucca, Nev.) 21

South Tahoe (Lake Tahoe, Calif.) at Fernley

Lynn Ault: Fernley

J. Ray Dockter: Fernley 42, South Tahoe (Lake Tahoe, Calif.) 14

Brady Raggio: Fernley

Michael Reeves: Fernley 35, South Tahoe (Lake Tahoe, Calif) 14

Sparks at Spring Creek

Lynn Ault: Spring Creek

J. Ray Dockter: Spring Creek 42, Sparks 20

Brady Raggio: Spring Creek

Michael Reeves: Spring Creek 21, Sparks 14

Douglas (Minden, Nev.) at Galena

Lynn Ault: Douglas 37, Galena 9

J. Ray Dockter: Douglas 28, Galena 10

Brady Raggio: Douglas

Michael Reeves: Douglas 35, Galena 21

North Valleys at Wooster

Lynn Ault: North Valleys 28, Wooster 14

J. Ray Dockter: North Valleys 27, Wooster 20

Brady Raggio: Wooster

Michael Reeves: Wooster 24, North Valleys 21

Spanish Springs at Bishop Manogue

Lynn Ault: Bishop Manogue 28, Spanish Springs 24

J. Ray Dockter: Bishop Manogue 34, Spanish Springs 28

Brady Raggio: Bishop Manogue

Michael Reeves: Bishop Manogue 35, Spanish Springs 21

Reno at Damonte Ranch

Lynn Ault: Damonte Ranch 24, Reno 17

J. Ray Dockter: Reno 27, Damonte Ranch 14

Brady Raggio: Reno

Michael Reeves: Reno 28, Damonte Ranch 21

McQueen at Reed

Lynn Ault: Reed 38, McQueen 21

J. Ray Dockter: Reed 28, McQueen 14

Brady Raggio: Reed

Michael Reeves: Reed 42, McQueen 14

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