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Week 2...Close but no cigar!

Another Friday has come and gone and we analyze what we saw and give you our outlook on things.


Game Initial Thoughts

Things are Taking Shape

We have seen two weeks worth of games now and can start truly formulating opinions on what we see. I encourage many to not get too swayed one way or another but I also encourage teams to not accept the results of the last two weeks because they are still very much so in control of their destiny.

Key Moments with Momentum

Through the first two weeks I really am noticing that as always the games I've seen have had moments that could not only shift momentum but could've given teams the chance to get a win or tie. These are the moments that drive the outlook on teams and have helped what was thought to be underachievers and hurt what we thought would be overachievers.

Football Brings Friends Together

I enjoyed looking at the Spanish Springs crowd before the game tonight and I do it from time to time to remind myself why I cover sports for Battle Born Preps. The happiness and overall togetherness of a crowd on a Friday Night is truly a sight to be seen and one that brings me happiness. I also saw and caught up with a former basketball coach, a longtime friend, and a former players father all of which I hadn't talked to in years but was a nice reminder how much High School Athletics in person brings us closer than most other activities.

Sandals Suck

As the clock at Spanish Springs was malfunctioning so was my wardrobe. Midway through the 1st quarter of the Cougar Huskies matchup I was running to the end zone to get video of a potential score for Spanish Springs and snap my flip flops of 3 years finally had enough and broke leaving me to take an early exit and head home before catching up with Brady at Bishop Manogue. This story didn't have huge importance to all of you but something I wanted to share as I probably looked like a huge idiot as I was trying to tie a big enough knot so I could make it to the end of the game but as I said earlier I was close but no cigar.


Spanish Springs Cougars 24 Reno Huskies 19

A game in which I thought the Huskies would prove they were the more dominant team actually showed these two teams may be much closer in talent then some may have initially thought. Expect the Huskies and Cougars to be two teams that will compete near the top of the league for the rest of the year. The biggest question for me is can this be a big game to boost the Cougars momentum... I believe it very well could.

Jesuit Marauders 30 Bishop Manogue Miners 23

The Miners came within 2 yards of tying the game in this one... the more astonishing thing is they saw a first and goal on the 6 yard line and didn't score. This one will really sting for a Miner team that could've very well won this game.

Reed Raiders 34 Churchill Greenwave 28

This game was expected to be a close one and it was a dandy. Happy for the Raiders, they bounced back after last week and could really take momentum for weeks to come.

Carson Senators 14 Calaveras Redhawks 0

Carson proved me wrong and I have to say I am not sad about it at all. The Senators defense deserves a ton of kudos as they held the Redhawks scoreless all game but in my opinion what's more impressive is they didn't lose their will and drive as the Carson offense didn't score until the beginning of the 4th quarter.

Galena Grizzlies 50 Wooster Colts 13

Wowzer! The Grizzlies are on fire to start the season. Can't wait to see the statistics and talk to people about what they saw in this game as I am really excited to see this program heading into the right direction.

Rocklin Thunder 27 McQueen Lancers 7

The Lancers are seeing a lot of good opponents early in the season but that doesn't make this losing streak anymore palatable for Head Coach Matt Marner. The Lancers will need to get home quickly and do some self reflection before this season potentially slips through their fingers before our very eyes.

Lodi Flames 48 Damonte Ranch Mustangs 27

This game was another injury laden performance as the Mustangs are hoping these metaphorical speed bumps only slow them down instead of completely stopping their hopes for this season. I do have to say tracking the tweets tonight I can appreciate that the Mustangs did score late and tried to keep fighting it was just a little too late.

Douglas Tigers Vs. Vanden Vikings

They play Saturday night so no update yet. Check back early Sunday Morning.

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