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DRHS Where Are They Now: Taylor Nuttall

There are some student athletes that just seem to be larger than life, the ones that leave a larger footprint than their peers. Taylor Nuttall was one of those types of students. Taylor was a three-sport athlete at Damonte and went on to play college basketball. Let’s catch-up with Taylor!

Name – Taylor Nuttall

Grad Year – 2014

Sports Played – volleyball freshman-junior years, soccer senior year, four years basketball, four years track and field

Favorite DRHS Sports Memory – when we beat Reed in the first round of the playoffs, at Reed, my senior year, girls basketball. It was the first playoff win, for the girls, in the history of the school.

Favorite DRHS Teacher – It is hard to pick because every teacher I had at DRHS had a positive impact on my life. I really enjoyed being around Mr. Sheets and Mrs. Bright though. They both have a great sense of humor and enjoy each and every day to the fullest.

What Message Would Deliver Student-Athletes at Damonte Now – Don’t stress the little things, everything always gets figured out. Be yourself and don’t be afraid of what people think. As long as you try to be a good person and you have consistent thoughts, morals, and ethics, everything will work out. Be open to who you are, and the right people will match that energy.

What Did You Take Away From Your Time at DRHS – Take very opportunity you get, whether that be a new hobby, class, job, or developmental project. It helps you grow as a person, makes you understand more, makes you “more experienced”. If an opportunity arises that you can take hold of comfortably, do it! Keep yourself busy.

What Did You Do After Graduation – I went and played basketball for two years at Southern Oregon University. After that I decided that I needed to focus on making money and finishing school, so, I worked a few jobs and graduate with a degree in criminology and communications.

What Are You Doing Now – I am working at a youth correction facility as an officer. I teach self-defense and physical intervention while also conducting most of the staff training. I love my job and enjoy working to try and change lives.

Final Thought – My ultimate goal is to teach youth that there are fun, appropriate, ways to live life, so work hard so that you can play harder!

Big thanks to Taylor for taking the time to answer these questions, and if you are one of the very privileged few, at DRHS, who become a Spirit King or Queen, know that Austen Kreie was right, Taylor set a standard few others will ever match!

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