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Week One Football Predictions

Wooster Colts Vs. Reed Raiders

This will be a great offensive showing for both teams as Reed returns star RB Elijah Tau Tolliver and Wooster returns star QB Jace Papke. This should be a great game to see how many players developed this offseason. I give Reed the advantage in this game as they have the stronger defense on paper.

Question / Comment of the game: What does Jack Franz do for the Raiders offense? Will he be remembered in this same likes of a Cam Emmerson or Matt Denn?

Michael's Prediction (BBP Chief Content Officer): Reed 27-7

Jim's Prediction (RGJ Preps): Reed 24-17

Brady's Prediction (BBP Owner): Reed 45-7


Hug Hawks Vs. Sparks Railroaders

Coach Mike Gravier is in his first season and hopes that he can bring new energy to the Hug Hawks program. In this game, he will face Brad Rose and the Railroaders which is a team that can definitely get a win even though they are in the inferior 3A division. I expect Sparks to win this game in a close battle.

Question / Comment of the game: I can't wait to see if Hug will have a great team year like 2014 or if it will be an individual type of team. Are you a TEAM guy or a ME guy?

Michael's Prediction (BBP Chief Content Officer):

Sparks 21-7

Jim's Prediction (RGJ Preps): Hug 17-16

Brady's Prediction (BBP Owner): Hug 20-17


Reno Huskies Vs. North Valleys Panthers

I expect first-year Coach Jon Haskins to win his first game versus North Valleys. Huskies realize they're the better team and will use this game as a scrimmage in an uneven matchup.

Question / Comment of the game: How many total TD's will Worthen have in this game?!?!? (Probably 4)

Michael's Prediction (BBP Chief Content Officer): Reno 49-0

Jim's Prediction (RGJ Preps): Reno 56-7

Brady's Prediction (BBP Owner): Reno 35-14


Spanish Springs Cougars Vs. Canyon Comanches

The Cougars have a tough opener that Coach Rob Hummel is excited for. This game will give the Cougars a good gage for where they are this season with Canyon ranked 328th in California for Maxpreps.

Question / Comment of the game: How will Jackson LaDuke kickoff his Senior year?

Michael's Prediction (BBP Chief Content Officer): Spanish Springs 27-21

Jim's Prediction (RGJ Preps): Spanish Springs 34-28

Brady's Prediction (BBP Owner): Spanish Springs 28-14


Carson Senators Vs. Lower Lake Trojans

Carson won this game last year 34-27. I believe this season the Senators even a better team than they were last season so if they play the way they can they should expect a similar result. That being said the Trojans ranked 45th in the state of California last year, this year they rose to 41st which shouldn't be taken lightly.

Question / Comment of the game: I am excited to see the RB/HB/TB trio the Senators this season!

Michael's Prediction (BBP Chief Content Officer): Carson 28-21

Jim's Prediction (RGJ Preps): Carson 21-20

Brady's Prediction (BBP Owner): Carson 30-17


Douglas Tigers Vs. Sonoma Valley Dragons

Douglas is excited for some of their seniors this year and rightfully so. This will be a good matchup for the Tigers as they compete against a team that is 881st in California and will give

Question / Comment of the game: Coach Ernie Monfiletto a chance to tinker with things if he'd like in his first game of the season.

Michael's Prediction (BBP Chief Content Officer): Douglas 35-21

Jim's Prediction (RGJ Preps): Douglas 31-28

Brady's Prediction (BBP Owner): Sonoma Valley 20-14


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