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Saturday Morning Scrutiny…(Football Is Back!)

If you're wondering if this is the part where I tell you I totally knew that Reno would blowout North Valleys (well duh), that Spanish Springs would lose after leading most of the game (I'm still shocked), or how many mosquitos bit me at Reed (there were a lot) this is the piece for you.


Leading Off…

In our Battle Of The Week the Reed Raiders hosted the Wooster Colts in East Sparks last night and while it seemed competitive at the beginning of the game Reed's offense in the second quarter clicked. Jack Franz and Caleb Tau Tolliver were eye-opening finding themselves in the endzone most of the game. The Raider offense will be fun to watch all season, but I think my biggest question coming out of this game is Wooster's defense. The Colt's defense showed its lack of experience and hope to rebound next week versus Reno. Reed gets a week off to get healthy and gets back at it at Galena in week three.


On Deck…

Reno played up to expectation beating North Valleys, but the big story is Drue Worthen who had over 200 yards rushing in the game. Drue was a big-time contributor in the Huskies offense last season, but that was under a different head coach and with Coach Jon Haskins and a more "uniform offense" he should only grow and better himself as a player. I am excited to see how he competes in two weeks versus Reed.


In The Hole…

Literally, in the hole, the Grizzlies, Mustangs, and Miners did not play this week, and that honestly bums me out! All three teams played a scrimmage this week (lame!) while everyone else started their season. The only thing about not playing is these teams fans will have to wait another week for three of the most anticipated seasons in each program's history. The Grizzlies have their third head coach in as many seasons, but this time I think they may genuinely have their guy. Aaron Cook is a South Reno guy graduating from Damonte Ranch, coaching at the same school, and now getting his first head coaching gig versus his childhood rival school which is a perfect storyline. He understands the importance of building a program after coming from Damonte Ranch. The Mustangs enter a new era, no McNamara's, no regional championship, hopefully for the team it is no problem. This year will be a big one for Damonte Ranch's Shawn Dupris. I fully expect him to revert to his roots and run the ball while having a more balanced offense. This year will prove if last year is a fluke and the Mustang's reign shall continue or if it is time for the Miners. Bishop Manogue is coming off of one of the best seasons in school history and hopes to continue when on campus all Miner supporters say the same thing "this (last year's success) came a year early this was supposed to be the year we make state." Well if that is the case expectations are at an all-time high for the reigning regional champions.

Damonte Ranch, Galena, Bishop Manogue Scrimmage (Week One) Courtesy of Lynn Ault


Swing And A Miss…

The Cougars of Spanish Springs had it, and all they had to do was not give up the lead… well they did just that. Tristan Szabo and the Cougar offense was up in the fourth quarter 33-13 at one point, and the defense could not hold up their end of the bargain. In the last nine minutes of the game, the Coug's gave up 21 unanswered points. You have to wonder how Spanish Springs will bounce back in their next game against Monterey Trail in Elk Grove, CA. but if there is a first coach I believe in it is Rob Hummel with the roster and leadership he has the Cougars can bounce back, and while it may not happen in week two, it will happen.


Who's That New Guy…

Everyone every year in the Reno / Sparks area sleeps on Douglas and Carson and quite frankly it bothers me. Douglas opened up their season with star senior running back Trevor Kruger running for over 150 yards in his matchup versus Sonoma Valley. Kruger is a player to watch along with players like Kody Gray (really fast), Race Coman (great dual-threat), Isaiah Geilenfeldt (big play ability), Danny Longre (dominant blocker), and the list goes on and on for the Tigers. Douglas has one of the best coaches I have the honor of knowing in Ernie Monfiletto, and with the talent, he has this season expect this sleeper of a team to shock some people. The other team is just 17 miles up north in the state capital and trust me they are no slouch, Carson is headed by Blair Roman who has the respect of his peers and players while always innovating new schemes into his coaching. The Senators this season hope to return to their regional championship form with a two-headed running attack in Bradley Maffei and Gilbert Vasquez (I expect huge things from these two this season). Defensively the Senators have Jeremy Heaton (super physical), David Remer (quick learner), oh and the other Vasquez brother Manny who was the team's leading tackler last season. If you read one sentence of this whole article and only one read this, DO NOT SLEEP ON CARSON OR DOUGLAS THEY ARE GOOD AND WILL BE TOUGH OPPONENTS THIS SEASON.


Bottom Of The 9th…

This is my final section where I will talk about a team, player, or anything I want to cause well I deserve to with how much work I do for all of you. My bottom of the 9th topic for week one consists of a few things I observed at the Reed/Wooster game. First, the previously problematic field at Reed High School was the best I had ever seen (I took a picture which is below to prove it). Yes, I am talking about the condition of a field, but Reed's Football Field has been known as the muddiest field for games come October. I spoke to a few administrators, and they agreed as one said, "it's the best the field has ever looked." Reed is looking for donations to turn their grass field into a turf field, so if anyone (cough cough… Austin Corbett) would like to donate a sum of money I am sure not only Reed will appreciate it but probably the NIAA. This would also help my mosquito issue for anyone that cared.


Lastly, in the bottom of the 9th referees, your job is very hard, you get grossly underpaid, and you are invaluable to Northern Nevada Athletics, but please just please swallow your whistles a little bit. It is week one, and there were at least 20 penalties in the Reed and Wooster game, there are penalties on every play that does not mean you have to blow the whistle every play.


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